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This Page Is To Show You How To Get Online With The Cora/Code9 File(s).

Since The Downloads For These Are Just Bringing Up The Code, Copy And Paste Everything To Microsoft Word, Or Note Pad.
Save Them As:
Code9.max (For AR Max Users)   (For Codebreaker Users)

Once The File Is Saved,
1. Open 'My Documents'
2. Find The File
3. Put Your Flash Drive/iPod Shuffle In The USB Port
4. When A Pop Up Appears, Click Open Folder To View Files
5. Drag The File (, Code9.max) To The Folder
6. Disconnect It
7. (AR Max Users) Load Up Your AR Max In Your PS2
8. Goto My Devices
9. Click The Memory Card/MAX Drive
10. Highlight The USB Drive
11. Select The File, Press UNCRUSH TO MEM CARD 1
12. Once Its Done Restart Your PS2
13. Put A PS1 Disc In
14. The Screen Should Flash White
15. Goto ARCODE
16. Press O On Socom II
17. Select Your Codes (O To Activate)
18. Make Sure You Have The LEGIT PLAY ONLINE Code On
19. Press X, When You're Back At The Main Menu
20. Press O On GAME
21. Your Disc Tray Will Open
22. Pop Socom II In
24. It Will Say Insert Disc Press O/X
25. Press O

P.S. Thanks A Lot From:
Socom II Online Administrator