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Majic Switch/Lag Switch
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Remember All The People Who Just Sit There, And You Light Them Up...Then Your Dead, And You Hear A Million Bullets Fire, Then Their Al The Way Across The Map...Thats What A Majic Switch Does. It Temporarily Closes Your Connection With The Server, And Eveyone Freezes In Place, But You Can Still Run Around And Kill.

To Make A Majic Switch You Will Need:
-Wire Cutters
-Ethernet Cord
-Electrical Tape
-A Light Switch (Get At Lowes For $1.00)
-A Project Box (Optional, It Holds Switch)

1. Use A Knife To Cut Through The Protective Rubber Coating On The Cord (Cut About 5 Inches)

2. Find The Solid Orange Wire (There Are Stripped And Solids Of Every Color)

3. Cut It

4. Splice Both Ends

5. (If You Don't Have Project Box, SKIP) Put the cord Through The Box Until The Spliced Ends Are In There

6. Screw The Wire Ito The Sides Of The Switch (Doesn't Matter Which Way)

7. Secure The Switch Somewhere

And Now You Can Lag Badly!
Good For You, Bad For Them.
Most Switches Can Only Be Flipped For About 5 Seconds.
If You Leave It Too Long Your Game Will Freeze Up, Flip It Back, And You Will Be Able To Play Agin In About 1 Minute.
Good Luck!
(I Reccomend Practicing On A Cheap Cord)

P.S. Thanks A Lot From:
Socom II Online Administrator