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Fixing Socom II Online

We've All Experienced A Non-Codes "Legit Day," Some Of Us Have And Some Of Us Haven't Experienced One Of These Without A Code Niner Or Cora-er Messing It Up. Whenever I Play Legit, 2 Out Of 3 Rooms Has A Cheater In It, Or Wen The Games Almost Over One Comes In And Messes It Up For Everybody. I Hate This. You Hate This. We All Hate This. So Please Tell All Your Buddies With Codes That Its Not Cool To Do This. Even I Have Done It Before, And Its Because I Get So Mad At Things, That I Just Want To Take It Out On he World, But I Have To Control Myself. Even Just Going In The Room And Not Killing, Extracting, Or Planting The Bomb Still Is Dumb, And Immature. Grow Up. Let The Legit People Play, And You Coders Play Where You're Welcome (E-SEALs). Just Tell Anyone With Codes What You Just Read Here, Try To Get Them To Never Do It Again. Even Just Give Them The Site (NUMBERONE.TK) And Tell Them To Log On And Join Us In Our Forum 

P.S. Thanks A Lot From:
Socom II Online Administrator