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BanneD was once a great clan, but it just died, I tried to revive it eveyday, but it just didn't work out. Sorry guys. Good news! My new clan is [NUMBERONE] and it seems to be moving on up!
[R.I.P. BanneD]
[We Will Always Remeber]


Socom II just isnt what it used to be. Before Socom 3, it was 26,000 people playing a cool game. You'd get you're occasional asshole, but they would get voted out. Now the defnition of Socom II is, a group of about 2800 people (67% Use Codes) and there is guaranteed, a coder in every other room. I don't care about the nice guys that use codes, like me; i use mine to make long clan tags, boot "bad coders" and to entertain, then you have the assholes who use it to boot everyone, teamkill, get 26,000 kills, plant the bom on a roof where you can't get to, and piss you off. Thats also why I've never given my Code 9 file out except to about 2 people. I just can't trust you, unless i've known you for a while. Socom just aint what it used to be, and its a damn shame. Thats why I have my [NUMBERONE] Clan, with "Legit Coders" we boot bad coders, we teach noobs how to play, we kill assholes, so yeah. I'm on a mission to bring Socom II Back to life!

This is the new best Socom II Online clan. [NUMBERONE]

Sorry Guys, I've Changed My Mind. No Cora Or Code 9. You Will Have To Post On The Forum To Get It. At Least 90 Posts And You Can Have Either One.

Sorry That I Havent Been Updating The Site. I Will Now. The Forum Is All "Re-Modeled" Also. Thanks For Visiting.

We've All Experienced A Legit Game Totally Fucked Up By A Code 9er, Or A Cora Man. It Doesn't Feel Good. If You Ever Ask For Cora Or Code 9, And Expect That You're Going To Goto Legit Rooms With It, Well Forget It. Its Immature, Not Cool, And It Really Ruins People's Days. Its Just A Game, I Know, But Still It Is A Game, Not A Cheating Haven. So Don't Use It As One.

P.S. Thanks A Lot From:
Socom II Online Administrator